Keystone Symposia

Childcare Bulletin Board

Find shared Childcare


This screen is only for viewing individual meetings to see if there are others who are looking for shared childcare.

You must be registered for a meeting to see any requests for shared childcare. Log in to your account, go to My Account and look for the 'Childcare Bulletin Board' link in the account activity for a specific meeting.

  • Connect with others who are looking for shared childcare...
  • Add your name and details regarding childcare needs (e.g.,Child's age, dates care is needed, etc.) so you may be contacted.
  • Please remember to remove your name after you have found shared childcare.

This bulletin board is offered as a Childcare sharing service only. You must contact others to agree on a shared Childcare arrangement. Keystone Symposia is not responsible for incorrect or insufficient information. Keystone Symposia and all resorts and hotels are exempt from any liability that may result from shared childcare.