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Future of Science

These generous alumni of previous meetings and others with a passion for ensuring a future of scientific discovery that benefits humankind have made gifts during the last 12 months to support the Keystone Symposia Future of Science Fund. Through their generosity, we are able to provide scholarships to the next generation of biomedical and life scientists, whose education and careers are enhanced by the opportunity to attend meetings and interact with the world's leading senior scientists.

In addition to funding for scholarships, Future of Science Fund supporters can also contribute to the Directors Fund (Unrestricted) option to help us meet general meeting program expenses.

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Future of Science Fund

E. Dale Abel*
Carlos Acevedo-Suárez
Jim and Sue Aiken
Stephen Anderson
Jim Bennett
Hans-Rudolf Berthoud
Alberto Bosque
Ralph A. Bradshaw*
Mirella Bucci
Mehdi Chaib
Ajay Chawla
Ximin Chen
Chuhan Chung
The Research Investment, Inc.
Xiaorui Fan
Janusz Franco-Barraza
Kenneth Fraser
fred gage
Margaret Goodell*
Deanna Haas
Masataka Harada
Curtis C. Harris*
Lucas Hoffman
Michael Holtzman
Janusz Franco-Barraza
Ramon Jin
Deborah Johnson*
Mark Kaplan
Veronique Kiermer*
Kyoko Koshibu
Ralph Nixon
Joon Haeng Rhee
Raymond Rodriguez
Alan Sher
Leonidas Stamatatos
Lori Sussel*
Chit Tam
Cornelia Liu Trimble
Bruce Walker
Jing Wang
Yibin Wang
Sally Wenzel Morganroth
Ian A. Wilson
Tadataka Yamada
President of Champions
Anonymous (5)

Named Endowments

The Bei Zhang* & Mark Erion Keystone Symposia Fellow Endowment
The Cheung Family Endowed Scholarship

Travel Awards and Scholarships Donors

Walter Moos* and Susan Miller, The Moos-Miller Fund

Fund a Fellow

Geoffrey S. Ginsburg*
Lilly USA, LLC

*Denotes Keystone Symposia Board of Director's member