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This meeting took place in 2012

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The Role of Inflammation during Carcinogenesis (E2)

Organizer(s) Jeffrey W. Pollard and Laurence Egan
May 20—25, 2012
Royal Dublin Society • Dublin 4, Ireland
Abstract Deadline: Jan 20, 2012
Late Abstract Deadline: Feb 21, 2012
Scholarship Deadline: Jan 20, 2012
Early Registration Deadline: Mar 20, 2012

Organized in Collaboration with Science Foundation Ireland. Sponsored by Hoffmann-La Roche, Inc. and Pfizer Inc.

Summary of Meeting:
There is a growing appreciation that inflammation is the root cause of many cancers. Epidemiological and infectious disease literature supports this hypothesis. In addition, there is a growing body of experimental support confirming the role of inflammation in cancer initiation. However, once tumors are established, this inflammatory response changes and a set of immune cells are recruited that are immunomodulatory and not inflammatory. These types of immune cells, particularly those of the innate system, are also recruited to tumors in which there is no evidence for inflammation as a cause of tumorigenesis. This phenomenon has sometimes been called sterile inflammation. These immune cells enhance tumor progression and metastasis by promoting angiogenesis, enhancing tumor cell migration, invasion and intravasation and suppressing anti-tumor immunity. The conference will address the mechanisms behind the recruitment of the immune cells and their function, the switches in type of inflammatory responses during tumor progression and the actions of these cells in tumor promotion both at the primary and metastatic sites.

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