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This meeting took place in 2012

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Structural Biology of Cellular Processes: From Atoms to Cells (J6)

Organizer(s) Steven C. Almo, Anna Marie Pyle and Wah Chiu
January 22—27, 2012
Keystone Resort • Keystone, CO USA
Abstract Deadline: Sep 22, 2011
Late Abstract Deadline: Oct 25, 2011
Scholarship Deadline: Sep 22, 2011
Early Registration Deadline: Nov 22, 2011

Supported by the Directors' Fund

Summary of Meeting:
Cellular function requires the spatial and temporal coordination of complex processes over a remarkable range of length and time scales. Structural biology — including X-ray, EM and NMR approaches — has been instrumental in contributing to our mechanistic understanding of catalysis, molecular recognition and regulation, as well as in providing unique insights into modulating these processes to support therapeutic intervention. As these structural approaches have continued to mature, they have moved out of the realm of the specialist and are now an essential and indispensible part of modern biological discovery. The future promise of structural biology rests on our ability to integrate atomic resolution knowledge with results derived from cutting-edge microscopies and spectroscopies, as well as complementary genetic, biochemical and chemical biological methodologies. This symposium will highlight the power of multi-disciplinary, multi-scale integrative approaches for understanding and manipulating fundamental biological processes, including cell motility, chromosome maintence, gene regulation and membrane-associated phenomena. Participants will also have an opportunity to broaden their appreciation of advances in structural biology that can be used for studying complex cellular systems via the concurrent meeting on High-Throughput Structural Biology, which will share a keynote address and two plenary sessions with this meeting.

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Keystone Symposia Future of Science Fund Scholarship Recipients

Lauren Parker Jackson
Cambridge Institute for Medical Research, UK

Maria Magdalena Villarreal
University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, USA

National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) Scholarship Recipients

Andy Baldwin
University of Toronto, Canada

Ashwin Chari
Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Germany

Oren S. Rosenberg
University of California, San Francisco, USA

Chih-Chia Su
Iowa State University, USA