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This meeting took place in 2013

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Advances in Cancer Immunotherapy (C4)

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Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy (J4)

Organizer(s) Glenn Dranoff, Carl H. June and Suzanne L. Topalian
January 27—February 1, 2013
Fairmont Hotel Vancouver • Vancouver, BC Canada
Abstract Deadline: Sep 25, 2012
Late Abstract Deadline: Oct 25, 2012
Scholarship Deadline: Sep 25, 2012
Early Registration Deadline: Nov 27, 2012

Sponsored by Bayer USA Foundation and Bristol-Myers Squibb Company. Supported by an educational donation provided by Amgen.

Joint Meeting: Antibodies as Drugs (J3)

Summary of Meeting:
The recent FDA approvals of Provenge® as the first therapeutic cancer vaccine and Ipilimumab® as the first monoclonal antibody that blocks negative immune regulation are landmark achievements that highlight substantive progress in cancer immunology. These novel treatments derive from the cumulative insights of basic and translational scientists into the mechanisms of protective tumor immunity in cancer patients. Advances in genetic, cellular and biochemical technologies have dramatically increased our understanding of the pathways through which the host responds to cancer. Tumor-host interactions in the microenvironment are increasingly recognized to play a critical role in determining disease inhibition or promotion. This Keystone Symposia meeting will bring together leading cancer immunologists to discuss their most recent insights into immune recognition, regulation, tumor escape and therapeutic manipulation. Emerging areas of cancer metabolism and material science engineering that relate to cancer immunology will be highlighted. The integration of basic and clinical aspects of tumor immunity in this meeting should stimulate interest from a wide array of investigators and students. The concurrent meeting on Antibodies as Drugs will underscore the increasing connections between these fields, and potentially accelerate the development of new cancer immunotherapies.

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Biogen Scholarship Recipients

Sheena N. Smith
University of Zurich, Switzerland

Keystone Symposia Future of Science Fund Scholarship Recipients

Adam Blaisdell
New York University School of Medicine, USA

Sarah Q. Crome
University Health Network, Canada

Connie Duong
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Australia

Maryann Mikucki
Roswell Park Cancer Institute, USA