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This meeting took place in 2013

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Antibodies as Drugs (J3)

Organizer(s) Paul Carter and Andreas G. Pl├╝ckthun
January 27—February 1, 2013
Fairmont Hotel Vancouver • Vancouver, BC Canada
Abstract Deadline: Sep 25, 2012
Late Abstract Deadline: Oct 25, 2012
Scholarship Deadline: Sep 25, 2012
Early Registration Deadline: Nov 27, 2012

Sponsored by AbbVie Inc., Astellas Pharma Inc. and Genentech, Inc. Supported by an educational donation provided by Amgen.

Summary of Meeting:
Antibodies have come of age as therapeutics since the late 1990s with 26 antibody therapeutics marketed in the USA and approximately 300 additional antibodies in clinical development. Many of these antibody drugs are targeted to malignant cells and are used for the treatment of a variety of cancers. Participants at this meeting will consider new therapeutic opportunities for antibodies and engineered targeting molecules across a broad range of clinical settings including oncology, autoimmunity and chronic inflammation, infectious diseases and neurology. Progress in molecular engineering to increase their clinical potential will be discussed including antibody-drug conjugates, bispecific and multispecific targeting molecules, effector function enhancement and half-life extension. New frontiers will be explored including engineering antibodies to cross the blood-brain barrier and tackling fundamental questions in antibody targeting, mechanisms of action and resistance, and immunogenicity of engineered proteins. This symposium will bring together experts from academia and industry, from molecular engineering to biomedical applications, at the forefront of advancing antibodies as drugs and will be of broad interest to scientists working in this area. Opportunities for interdisciplinary interactions will be significantly enhanced by the concurrent meeting on Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy, which will share two plenary sessions with this meeting.

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First Time Meeting Travel Award Recipients

Tracie Delane Locklear
Duke University Medical Center, USA

Keystone Symposia Future of Science Fund Scholarship Recipients

Tiffany F. Chen
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA