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This meeting took place in 2014

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Immune Evolution in Cancer (X2)

Organizer(s) Suzanne Ostrand-Rosenberg, Olivera J. Finn and Lisa M. Coussens
March 9—14, 2014
Fairmont Chateau Whistler • Whistler, BC Canada
Discounted Abstract Deadline: Nov 6, 2013
Abstract Deadline: Dec 10, 2013
Scholarship Deadline: Nov 6, 2013
Discounted Registration Deadline: Jan 9, 2014

Sponsored by Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, Genentech, Inc., OncoMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Roche and Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated

Summary of Meeting:
Neoplastic progression is initiated by accumulations of somatic mutations in proliferating cells that cause “healthy” cells to sustain survival programs and resist embedded tissue-based programs designed to restrain their unchecked proliferation. Concurrent with neoplastic progression, the immune system sculpts the neoplastic cell repertoire by eliminating immunogenic cells while allowing outgrowth of less immunogenic variants, a process known as immunoediting. As neoplasms undergo early progression, they often resemble a chronic “wound” wherein activated tissue remodeling, and immune and angiogenic programs, facilitate the survival of potentially malignant cells. Cells of the adaptive and innate immune systems are particularly important during wound healing; however, during cancer development, many immune cells are co-opted and effectively “reprogrammed” toward a tumor-promoting phenotype. As a result, malignant cells condition their environment to facilitate their progression by co-opting multiple immune effector cell populations. Presentations at this conference will focus on how the tumor microenvironment perturbs lymphoid and myeloid cells, the mechanisms used by immune cells to promote tumor growth, and the strategies being developed to counteract tumor-induced immune suppression to generate anti-tumor immunity. Many of the tumor-promoting effects of the immune system are regulated by leukocyte infiltration (e.g., chronic inflammation); therefore, this conference, in conjunction with the companion conference on Inflammation, Infection and Cancer, will provide an in-depth examination of the current understanding of tumor progression, and will facilitate interactions between tumor immunologists and cancer biologists.

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Keystone Symposia Future of Science Fund Scholarship Recipients

Nelly Vey
Cancer Research Centre of Lyon, France

National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) Ancillary Training Program Scholarship Recipients

Nikeya Tisdale
University of South Carolina, USA

National Cancer Institute (NCI) Scholarship Recipients

Jeremy Dupaul-Chicoine
McGill University, Canada

Allison S. Harney
Albert Einstein College of Medicine, USA

Brad Kubick
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, USA