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This meeting took place in 2014

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Fibrosis: From Bench to Bedside (C4)

Organizer(s) Jeremy S. Duffield, Steven R. Ledbetter and John P. Iredale
March 23—28, 2014
Keystone Resort • Keystone, CO USA
Discounted Abstract Deadline: Nov 20, 2013
Abstract Deadline: Dec 18, 2013
Scholarship Deadline: Nov 20, 2013
Discounted Registration Deadline: Jan 21, 2014

Sponsored by Gilead Sciences, Inc., InterMune, Inc., MedImmune, Shire Human Genetic Therapies and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited

Summary of Meeting:
Fibrosis of all the internal organs is increasingly recognized as a deleterious and ominous consequence of, normal aging, repetitive subclinical tissue injury or severe persistent tissue injury. Fibrosis is increasingly seen as the next broad-ranging target for therapeutics after Cancer, and there is now a rush to first-in-class therapeutics. The primary cell that lays down fibrotic tissue is the myofibroblast. Until very recently, the biology of myofibroblasts is relatively undeveloped due to a lack of definitive markers, and lack of clear ontogeny. This meeting: 1) Brings together biotech, pharma and academia in a seamless meeting. 2) Focuses on fibrosis as an abnormal wound healing or tissue repair response identifying aberrant developmental pathways, and progenitor cell responses. c) Has a broad focus on basic biology of myofibroblasts, their progenitors, progenitor ontogeny, and their interaction with the immune system in disease. d) Focuses on fibrosis as a normal part of aging and the epigenetics involved in maintaining myofibroblasts in an activated state. e) Includes a full session on biomarkers; among the major blocks to progress is the lack of biomarkers. f) Feature formal presentations from biotech/pharma on the most promising new therapeutics in development or clinical trial. All of these highlighted areas are underdeveloped and are rapidly changing. The Keystone Symposia Fibrosis meeting is intended to be the premier international meeting for anyone with an interest in this disease process. The meeting brings together academics from a broad range of interest areas, including cancer, vascular biology, stem cell biology and tissue regeneration, as well as those with organ specific-interests.

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