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This meeting took place in 2014

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Pathogenesis of Respiratory Viruses (J5)

Organizer(s) Adolfo GarcĂ­a-Sastre and Peter J.M. Openshaw
January 19—24, 2014
Keystone Resort • Keystone, CO USA
Discounted Abstract Deadline: Oct 9, 2013
Abstract Deadline: Oct 31, 2013
Scholarship Deadline: Oct 9, 2013
Discounted Registration Deadline: Nov 19, 2013

Sponsored by AstraZeneca

Summary of Meeting:
Respiratory viruses are a major cause of infectious disease and death in humans. The Keystone Symposia meeting on "Pathogenesis of Respiratory Viruses" will discuss some of the latest advances in our understanding of the biology and pathogenesis of this group of viruses, including major human pathogens such as influenza viruses, respiratory syncytial virus, parainfluenza virus, rhinoviruses, coronaviruses and adenoviruses. There will be a special emphasis on influenza and respiratory syncytial virus. This meeting will bring together experts in virology, viral pathogenesis and viral immunity to discuss factors contributing to viral replication, tropism, disease and immunity in the respiratory tract. Opportunities for synergistic interactions will be significantly enhanced by the concurrent meeting on "Innate Immunity to Viral Infections," resulting in a more integrated view of viral disease and immunity.

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Keystone Symposia Future of Science Fund Scholarship Recipients

Cory J. Knudson
University of Iowa, USA

Nandini Krishnamoorthy
Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, USA

Ryan A. Langlois
University of Minnesota, USA

Rebecca J. Ortiz Marty
Nationwide Children's Hospital Research Institute, USA

Ania Beata Owczarczyk
University of Michigan, USA

National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) Ancillary Training Program Scholarship Recipients

Denise E. de Almeida Nagata
University of Michigan, USA

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Scholarship Recipients

Lisa E. Gralinski
University of North Carolina, USA

Anne Hotard Lopez-Ona
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA

Jennifer A. Pickens
Vanderbilt University, USA

Marie-Theres O. F. Pohl
Institute of Medical Virology, Switzerland