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This meeting took place in 2015

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Viral Immunity: Basic Mechanisms and Therapeutic Applications (J3)

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Viral Immunity (A2)

Organizer(s) Jonathan W. Yewdell, Donna L. Farber, Nicole Baumgarth and Jack R. Bennink
January 11—16, 2015
Beaver Run Resort • Breckenridge, CO USA
Discounted Abstract Deadline: Sep 22, 2014
Abstract Deadline: Oct 14, 2014
Scholarship Deadline: Sep 22, 2014
Discounted Registration Deadline: Nov 11, 2014

Supported by the Directors' Fund

Summary of Meeting:
The most exciting recent advances in viral immunity include the increased understanding of the role of innate immune mechanisms, interaction between innate and adaptive immunity, pathogen manipulation of host responses, activation of immune responses and immune effector functions. Despite these advances, basic mechanisms of anti-viral immunity are poorly characterized for many acute infections and less well understood for chronic infections. Efforts are required to exploit recent research advances to improve vaccine design and therapeutic intervention. This meeting will cover both innate and adaptive immunity and juxtapose animal models with human studies as it attempts to foster collaborative efforts among attending viral immunologists working in disparate systems and models. The overall meeting objective is to accelerate progress in understanding and manipulating anti-viral immunity to improve human health.

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Early Career Investigator Travel Award Recipients

Patricia V. Aguilar
University of Texas Medical Branch, USA

Carolina B. López
Washington University School of Medicine, USA

John R. Teijaro
The Scripps Research Institute, USA

National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) Ancillary Training Program Scholarship Recipients

Asiel A. Benitez
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc, USA

Awndre Elijah Gamache
University of Virginia, USA

Justin Dewa'an Glenn
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Scholarship Recipients

Derek L. Clouthier
University of Toronto, Canada

Anna Gram
Leiden University Medical Center, Netherlands

Sam X. Li
University of Colorado Denver, USA

Eleonora Melzi
University of Glasgow, UK

Timothy J. Nice
Oregon Health & Science University, USA

Jason M. Schenkel
Brigham and Women's Hospital, USA

Andrew G. Soerens
University of Minnesota, USA

Rebecca T. Veenhuis
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA