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This meeting took place in 2015

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Liver Metabolism and Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) (X8)

Organizer(s) Jay D. Horton, Douglas G. Mashek and Brian N. Finck
March 22—27, 2015
Fairmont Chateau Whistler • Whistler, BC Canada
Discounted Abstract Deadline: Nov 20, 2014
Abstract Deadline: Dec 18, 2014
Scholarship Deadline: Nov 20, 2014
Discounted Registration Deadline: Jan 21, 2015

Sponsored by Intercept Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Merck & Co., Inc., Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited

Summary of Meeting:
Abnormalities in hepatic intermediary metabolism are common in obesity and are a significant source of morbidity and mortality in obese people. For example, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) affects over 25% of the US population and has become the most common cause of liver failure and transplantation. NAFLD is also linked to the development of major metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Despite the central role of the liver in whole-body energy metabolism and its contribution to disease development, there are literally no dedicated meetings that focus on the cellular and mechanistic aspects of the regulation of liver metabolism. This meeting will bring together experts, both basic scientists and clinicians, across diverse fields including biochemistry, cell biology, genetics, hepatology, nutrition, physiology and virology to exclusively focus on the liver and bridge a translational divide. Meeting themes will center on regulation of hepatic energy metabolism, crosstalk between the liver and different organs and cell types and how alterations in macronutrient metabolism contribute to disease etiology. The objectives of this conference are to: 1) Expose scientists across diverse disciplines to different aspects of hepatic metabolism and NAFLD development; 2) Find synergies in research efforts to expedite our understanding of hepatic energy metabolism; and 3) Explore emerging metabolic targets for therapeutic interventions to prevent or alleviate NAFLD and related comorbidities.

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National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) Ancillary Training Program Scholarship Recipients

Magdalis González-Vega
University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

Elizabeth Millings
Emory University, USA

Maria E. Moreno-Fernandez
Cincinnati Children's Hospital, USA

The Barrie Hesp Scholarship on behalf of Ashley Rebecca Cukier Scholarship Recipients

Misung Kim
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, USA

Sarah M. Turpin
Max Planck Institute for Metabolism Research, Germany

The Elkes Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Allyson N. Hamlin
University of Cincinnati, USA