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Obesity and the Metabolic Syndrome: Mitochondria and Energy Expenditure (X7)

Organizer(s) Johan Auwerx, Eleftheria Maratos-Flier and Thomas Langer
March 22—27, 2015
Fairmont Chateau Whistler • Whistler, BC Canada
Discounted Abstract Deadline: Nov 20, 2014
Abstract Deadline: Dec 18, 2014
Scholarship Deadline: Nov 20, 2014
Discounted Registration Deadline: Jan 21, 2015

Sponsored by Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences and Novo Nordisk A/S

Summary of Meeting:
A medical challenge of the 21st century is the coupling of an unprecedented increase in life expectancy with a large increase in incidence and prevalence of chronic multifactorial diseases. Classic disease examples include disorders of metabolism such as obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus, which are often associated with co-morbidities including non-alcoholic liver disease and coronary, peripheral and central vascular disease. Collectively, the spectrum of disorders is often referred to as the metabolic syndrome. Over the past decade, it has become evident that shifts in cellular metabolism are often linked to changes in the number, morphology and function of mitochondria, and that these cellular changes underlie systemic metabolic abnormalities that characterize the many clinical features of the metabolic syndrome. This meeting will discuss novel findings that link mitochondrial function in peripheral tissues, such as liver, muscle and gut, with the systemic abnormalities of the metabolic syndrome. The potential for identifying new therapeutics that are based on modifying mitochondrial function will be reviewed. As mitochondrial function is now acknowledged to also control metabolic homeostasis on an organismal level in addition to controlling energy homeostasis at the cellular level, this meeting will create a truly interdisciplinary environment that brings together basic scientists in the fields of bioenergetics, physiology, and mitochondrial and cell biology, and clinicians with an interest in metabolic disease, to foster innovative ideas in this area.

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National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) Ancillary Training Program Scholarship Recipients

Danielle Miranda
Mayo Clinic, USA

National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) Scholarship Recipients

Thomas Philip Agnew
University of Oxford, UK

Iliana A. Chatzispyrou
Academic Medical Centre, Netherlands

Weiwei Fan
The Salk Institute for Biological Studies, USA

Jonathan R. Friedman
University of California, Davis, USA

Andrea Galmozzi
The Scripps Research Institute, USA

Ambar Grijalva
Columbia University, USA

Nathalie Jouvet
Institut de Recherches Cliniques de Montréal, Canada

Michael Taulo Lund
University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Mario Ost
German Institute of Human Nutrition, Germany