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This meeting took place in 2015

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Plant Receptor Kinases: From Molecules to Environment (B3)

Organizer(s) Cyril Zipfel and Steven C. Huber
February 8—13, 2015
Sagebrush Inn & Suites • Taos, NM USA
Discounted Abstract Deadline: Oct 8, 2014
Abstract Deadline: Nov 11, 2014
Scholarship Deadline: Oct 8, 2014
Discounted Registration Deadline: Dec 8, 2014

Sponsored by Monsanto Company

Summary of Meeting:
Plants are under constant pressure to respond rapidly and accurately to changing environmental and developmental conditions. They need to rapidly translate extracellular signals into appropriate intracellular responses. Cell surface receptor kinases (RKs) are one of the major components in this extracellular sensing and the RK family in plants is hugely expanded compared to animals. However, only a very limited number of plant RKs have an assigned function, but those characterized control critical aspects ranging from development to responses to biotic and abiotic stresses. The meeting will highlight recent developments in our understanding of RKs, from their evolution to the pathways they are involved in and the molecular details underlying their function (e.g., post-translational modifications, structure, cell biology). The processes controlled by RKs include gas exchange (via control of stomatal development and patterning), innate immunity, establishment of beneficial symbioses and control of intrinsic growth/yield. Thus, there are many direct implications for plant performance in the field and at the ecosystem level. We therefore anticipate that the meeting will be of broad interest to scientists in academia, government and the private sector. The invited speakers are world leaders in their respective areas, and by sharing their latest research findings and new experimental approaches/methods, will facilitate advances in other areas as well. New collaborations should result that will move this exciting field forward.

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National Science Foundation (NSF) Scholarship Recipients

Julian R. Avila-Pacheco
Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, USA

Peter DiGennaro
University of California, Berkeley, USA

Sarah R. Hind
Boyce Thompson Institute, USA

Rory Pruitt
University of California, Davis, USA

Aisha Wada Abubakar
Federal university Dutse, Nigeria

Guoxun Wang
Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Qingyu Wu
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, USA

Zhaoyang Zhou
Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China