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This meeting took place in 2016

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Myeloid Cells (D3)

Organizer(s) Arturo Zychlinsky, Judith E. Allen, Eicke Latz and Kate A. Fitzgerald
April 10—14, 2016
INEC Killarney Convention Centre • Killarney, Co. Kerry Ireland
Discounted Abstract Deadline: Dec 10, 2015
Abstract Deadline: Jan 11, 2016
Scholarship Deadline: Dec 10, 2015
Discounted Registration Deadline: Feb 10, 2016

Local Co-Organizer: Andrew G. Bowie of Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute. Organized in Collaboration with Science Foundation Ireland. Sponsored by Biogen

Summary of Meeting:
Myeloid cells are essential in immunity: they control the interaction of the host with the environment and are indispensable in fighting infections and in the communication with other branches of the immune system. The introduction of new technology is revealing unprecedented levels of complexity in ontogeny, specialization, regulation and modulation of adaptive immunity by these cells. This Keystone Symposia meeting will cover topical questions in myeloid cell biology, including new concepts like the origin of myelocytes, trained immunity, and epigenetic and genetic regulation of their function. It will cover myeloid cells of both bone marrow and fetal origin with an emphasis on how macrophages interact with other myeloid cells including granulocytes. There will also be an emphasis on clinical approaches including medical intervention. New approaches to understand the diversity and specificity of myeloid responses will be also included. The symposium will include different fields central to contemporary immunology both at the genetic and cellular level, including the instruction of the adaptive immune response by innate immunity in health and disease. It should therefore be of interest to both basic and clinical scientists working in cell biology, immunology and infectious disease.

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Keystone Symposia Future of Science Fund Scholarship Recipients

Lindsey L. Morris
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, USA

Jana Musilova
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Judith Secklehner
Imperial College London, UK

Zbigniew Zaslona
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Scholarship Recipients

Miriam Berry
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, UK

Aveshni Naidoo
McMaster Immunology Research Institute, Canada

Katarzyna Okreglicka
ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Dhiren Ferise Patel
Imperial College London, UK

Xiaodi Wu
Washington University in St. Louis, USA

The Elkes Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Lena J. Heung
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, USA

Irina Ushach
University of California, Irvine, USA