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This meeting took place in 2018

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Aging, Inflammation and Immunity (X2)

Organizer(s) Bonnie B. Blomberg and Graham Pawelec
February 25—March 1, 2018
Hyatt Regency Austin • Austin, TX USA
Discounted Abstract Deadline: Oct 26, 2017
Abstract Deadline: Nov 29, 2017
Scholarship Deadline: Oct 26, 2017
Discounted Registration Deadline: Dec 21, 2017

This activity was supported by an educational grant from Celgene Corporation

Summary of Meeting:
The world’s aging population and problems with morbidity have been increasing rapidly. Decreases in immune function and increases in chronic inflammation with age are a major contributor to age-related diseases. This Keystone Symposia conference will provide a venue for researchers from around the world to discuss current findings and fundamental research to understand the mechanisms underlying declining immune function, increasing chronic inflammation, and possible interventions. The meeting will address essential aspects of aging/longevity research, with particular emphasis on the immune system and inflammation including effects of immunosenescence on cancer, autoimmunity, vaccine response and infectious disease. Longitudinal studies on aging and immunity, frailty and effects on mortality, quality of life and survival will also be covered as well as biomarkers of the aging immune system, mechanisms for generating chronic inflammation including the SASP, telomeres and the microbiome, regulation of aging and age-related immune function, and therapeutic approaches to slow aging and/or improve the immune system. The adaptive, innate and mucosal immune systems will be covered as these systems have a significant impact on human aging. Questions to be addressed include: 1) What changes in the immune system contribute to the observed decline in immune function and increase in the chronic inflammatory state? 2) How do diseases of aging or decreased immunity develop, and what can be done to prevent or reverse them? To address these questions, the symposium will gather investigators from interdisciplinary areas on aging, inflammation and immunology and will focus first on the human and secondly the murine immune systems.

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National Institute on Aging (NIA) Scholarship Recipients

Russell C. Ault
Texas Biomedical Research Institute, USA

Petra Burilova
St. Anne´s University Hospital, Czech Republic

Christina Camell
University of Minnesota, USA

Claire Gustafson
Stanford University, USA

Mladen Jergovic
University of Arizona, USA

Abhijit Kale
Buck Institute for Research on Aging, USA

Mati Mann
California Institute of Technology, USA