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This meeting took place in 2019

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Uncovering Mechanisms of Immune-Based Therapy in Cancer and Autoimmunity (B3)

Organizer(s) Daniel J. Cua, E. John Wherry and Carla V. Rothlin
February 18—22, 2019
Beaver Run Resort • Breckenridge, CO USA
Discounted Abstract Deadline: Oct 23, 2018
Abstract Deadline: Nov 15, 2018
Scholarship Deadline: Oct 23, 2018
Discounted Registration Deadline: Dec 18, 2018

Held in honor of cancer immunotherapy research pioneers Dr. Alan Korman and Dr. Nils Lonberg, thanks to generous support from an anonymous donor.

Organized in collaboration with Cancer Research UK

Sponsored by AbbVie Inc., BioLegend, Inc., Compass Therapeutics, EMD Serono Research and Development Institute, Inc., Genentech, Inc., Incyte Corporation, MacroGenics, Inc., Merck & Co., Inc., MorphoSys AG, Pfizer Inc., Roche, Surface Oncology, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited and Tessa Therapeutics Ltd.

Summary of Meeting:
Significant progress has been made in the field of immunology over the past two decades. Therapeutic agents such as anti-TNF, anti-CD20, anti-CTLA4, and more recently, anti-PD1 have benefited countless patients. This is a unique time for immunologists and clinical scientists to learn from the sheer number of clinical trials assessing immune targets for treatment of cancer and autoimmunity. Currently, there are more than 500 clinical studies testing combinations of checkpoint inhibitors with other pathway antagonists, which will begin to uncover the “immune mechanisms” driving the disease process. This is highlighted by the observation that more than 10-20% of patients treated with anti-PD1 and/or CTLA4 later suffer from autoimmunity (e.g., anti-PD1 treatment is linked to Type 1 diabetes and anti-CTLA-4 treatment is linked to inflammatory bowel disease). Response rate to cancer treatment is greater in patients with autoimmune predisposition; therefore the autoimmune side effect is in part associated with patient genetics. The meeting topics will include discussions of combination immunotherapies, the genetics of patient response, and strategies to reprogram adaptive and innate immunity, which are key to harnessing the immune system to fight cancer and autoimmune diseases. The meeting will end with a special closing lecture on the future of immunotherapy.

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Anonymous Donor Scholarship Recipients

Leonardo Ferreira
University of California, San Francisco, USA

Samantha M. Morrissey
University of Louisville School of Medicine, USA

Shin Foong Ngiow
University of Pennsylvania, USA

Cansu Yerinde
Charite Universitatsmedizin Berlin, Germany

Cancer Research UK Scholarship Recipients

Krijn Dijkstra
Netherlands Cancer Institute, Netherlands

Laura Llaó Cid
German Cancer Research Center, Germany

Kristen Elaine Pauken
Harvard Medical School, USA

National Cancer Institute (NCI) Scholarship Recipients

Lawrence P. Andrews
University of Pittsburgh, USA

Kelly Mahuron
University of California, San Francisco, USA

Molly Jaiver Uyeda
Stanford University, USA

Linda T. Vo
University of California, San Francisco, USA

Yanfang Peipei Zhu
La Jolla Institute for Allergy & Immunology, USA