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This meeting took place in 2023

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Single Cell Biology: From Development to Cancer (E4)

Organizer(s) Mario Suva and Itay Tirosh
June 18—22, 2023
Keystone Resort • Keystone, CO USA
Abstract Deadline: Mar 29, 2023
Scholarship Deadline: Mar 29, 2023
Discounted Registration Deadline: Apr 18, 2023

Sponsored by Chinese Society for Cell Biology, (Cell Research) and Janssen R&D: Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson

Summary of Meeting:
Single cell genomics has become a central method for analysis of biological systems and its utility will further expand in the next few years. While the initial focus in single cell genomics was on generation of methods and atlases, we are now witnessing the integration of single cell approaches in various fields of biology, with a growing number of studies that provide deep biological insights. In this meeting we will focus on cellular heterogeneity, plasticity and spatial interactions, in the context of development and cancer, two areas in which single cell biology is having an important impact. Moreover, single cell studies are providing a renewed demonstration that cancer hijacks mechanisms of development, highlighting the need to bring together researchers from both fields. The meeting will primarily include sessions that focus on single cell analysis of particular tissues, in each case highlighting recent insights into the development and cancer of these tissues and the connections between these processes. We will also have sessions on computational analysis and recent technology developments in single-cell genomics. Speakers include a combination of experts in cancer research, development and physiology of specific organs, and the single cell community.

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