Keystone Symposia

Keystone Symposia Presentation Information

All speakers are asked to use PowerPoint, Keynote (Mac only), or other presentation software for their talk. A Windows laptop with Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 and a Macintosh laptop with PowerPoint 2016 and Keynote 6.6.1 will be provided during the sessions for displaying your presentation. If you need a newer version of the software, please bring your own laptop. If you bring your own laptop, be sure it has an HDMI port (see below). If you do not bring your laptop, put your presentation on a USB removable drive.
If you bring your laptop…

Most laptops have an HDMI port. Some Macs and ultrathin PCs do not have this port, but come with an adapter. If you have an adapter, be sure to bring it.
HDMI Adapter
Other media accepted.

USB Removable Drives
If you require presentation materials other than what is discussed above, contact our Program Development office