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Meet with Cell Press Editors at Intra- and Intercellular Mechanisms of Aging!

Julie Sollier, Editor-in-Chief, Developmental Cell

Sannie Culbertson, Editor, Trends in Biochemical Sciences

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Cell Press is proud to publish cutting-edge research and reviews, and we are pleased to present a selection of papers that we think will be of special interest to the attendees of the Keystone Symposium on Intra- and Intercellular Mechanisms of Aging.

Influenza Virus Vaccination Elicits Poorly Adapted B Cell Responses in Elderly Individuals
Cell Host & Microbe: Patrick C. Wilson and colleagues

Selective Persulfide Detection Reveals Evolutionarily Conserved Antiaging Effects of S-Sulfhydration
Cell Metabolism: Milos R. Filipovic and colleagues

Metformin Restores CNS Remyelination Capacity by Rejuvenating Aged Stem Cells
Cell Stem Cell: Robin J.M. Franklin and colleagues

Age-Onset Phosphorylation of a Minor Actin Variant Promotes Intestinal Barrier Dysfunction
Developmental Cell: Peter M. Douglas and colleagues

Deep Multilayer Brain Proteomics Identifies Molecular Networks in Alzheimer’s Disease Progression
Neuron: Junmin Peng and colleagues

Expanding the Organismal Proteostasis Network: Linking Systemic Stress Signaling with the Innate Immune Response
Trends in Biochemical Sciences: Patricija van Oosten-Hawle and colleagues

The Business of Anti-Aging Science
Trends in Biotechnology: João Pedro de Magalhães and colleagues

Protecting the Aging Genome
Trends in Cell Biology: Morten Scheibye-Knudsen and colleagues

Organic Electronics for Point-of-Care Metabolite Monitoring
Trends in Biotechnology: Roisin M. Owens and colleagues

Macrophage Plasticity and Function in the Eye and Heart
Trends in Immunology: Rajendra S. Apte and colleagues

Reinventing Neuroaging Research in the Digital Age
Trends in Neurosciences: Carol A. Barnes and colleagues

Deep Aging Clocks: The Emergence of AI-Based Biomarkers of Aging and Longevity
Trends in Pharmacological Sciences: Alex Zhavoronkov and colleagues


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